Thursday, May 19, 2016

TED Talk Reflection

My TED Talk? We don't talk about that here.
But seriously. The whole thing was too brief, and I left out a whole lot of information. Overall, I think the talk was about a minute? I don't know. I just wanted off the stage.
The Iron Canvas is (still) broken, and I don't have the motivation to fix it. I already asked Reddit about what I thought was the problem, I have yet to discover other suspicious artifacts, and I don't want anyone to find the bug for me (I take pride in my work, I'll have you know). This isn't just any bug; it's a no-see-um.
So, I bombed on the TED Talk. I don't have stage fright, I just have chronic I-want-off-the-stage-nowitis.
Thanks for your time.


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